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On the relation between the stereographic projections of points of a plane related to one another by inversion Vol X (1891) 46-50
Note of Newton's theorem of symmetric functions Vol XI (1892) 61
Some formulae in connection with the parabolic section of the canonical quadric Vol XIII (1894) 136-142
Note on the inequality theorems that lead up to the exponential limit (1+1/x)xe as x → ∞ Vol XVII (1898) 33-37
Note on the expression for the area of a triangle in Cartesian co-ordinates, and a general proof of the addition theorem in Trigonometry connected therewith Vol XIX (1900) 2-4
Anallagmatic curves, I Vol XX (1901) 76-82
Inequality theorem regarding the lines joining corresponding vertices of two equilateral, or directly similar, triangles Vol 22 (1903) 22-26
Note on Newton's theorem of symmetric functions Vol 22 (1903) 90-91
A problem of Lewis Carroll's , and the rational solutions of a Diophantine cubic Vol 24 (1905) 7-19
Examples in the geometry of cross ratios Vol 26 (1907) 37-45
The fundamental formula for the area of a triangle in analytical geometry Vol 30 (1911) 67-68
Nicole's contribution to the foundations of the calculus of finite differences Vol 36 (1917) 22-39
The Stirling numbers and polynomials Vol 37 (1918) 2-25
Notes on James Gray Vol 43 (1924) 70-80
The inequality theorem xm-1/m > xn-1/n, m > n Notes: 4 (1910)
The solution of the biquadratic x4 + px3 + qx2 + rx + s = 0 Notes: 21 (1916)

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