Young Mathematician prize

The St Petersburg Mathematical Society
Young Mathematician prize

The St Petersburg Mathematical Society makes an annual award to a young mathematician for work of outstanding promise.

1962 V G Maz'ya

... for work on classes of sets and embedding theorems for functional spaces.

1963 B B Venkov

... for work on the homology of groups of units in division algebras.

1964 V S Buslaev

... for a study of short-wave asymptotics of the solution of the diffraction problem on a convex cylinder.

1965 A V Yakovlev

... for work on a field embedding problem in the homological algebra setting.

1965 V I Derguzov

... for work on the stability of solutions of operator Hamiltonian equations with periodic coefficients.

1966 A S Blagoveshchenskii

... for a study of well-defined characteristic problems for an ultra-hyperbolic equation.

1967 V P Orevkov

... for giving constructive analogues of the Brouwer theorem.

1968 V V Zhuk

... for work on a relation of structure properties of functions and functionals possessing the norm property.

1970 Yu V Matiyasevich

... for work on a Diophantic property of recursively enumerable sets.

1971 S A Vinogradov

... for a number of works on interpolation theorems.

1973 Ya M Eliashberg

... for a number of works on global singularity theory.

1974 Yu A Davydov

... for a number of works on limit theorems for Markov random processes.

1975 N A Shirokov

... for work on uniform approximation of functions on closed sets without corner points.

1975 O Ya Viro

... for works on topology in codimension two.

1976 B S Tsirel'son

... for works on the theory of stochastic differential equations and Banach geometry.

1976 E M Dyn'kin

... for works on the properties of a solution of non-homogeneous Cauchy-Riemann system.

1977 A A Suslin

... for giving a solution of J-P Serre's problem.

1977 M D Sterlin

... for giving estimations of constants in inverse theorems of the constructive function theory.

1978 L N Gordeev

... for work on constructive models in the classical set theory.

1978 S V Khrushchev

... for works on analytical functions theory.

1980 N E Barabanov

... for giving periodic solutions in control systems.

1980 N L Gordeev

... for a study of arithmetic problems in Galois theory.

1980 O I Reinov

... for an approximation p-th order property of a Banach space.

1981 A R Its

... for finite-gap and isodromic solutions of equations of nonlinear Schrödinger type.

1981 E D Gluskin

... for works on the geometry of Minkowski spaces.

1982 A S Merkur'ev

... for works on algebraic K-theory.

1982 V V Peller

... for works on Hankel operators.

1983 E K Sklyanin

... for a study of some algebraic structures related to the Young-Baxter equation.

1984 D Yu Grigor'ev, A L Chistov

... for giving fast algorithms for polynomial expansions and solutions of algebraic systems.

1984 V L Kobel'skii

... for work on models of high-dimensional links.

1985 M L Lifshits

... for a study of the distribution of functionals on trajectories of random processes.

1987 M Yu Lyubich

... for work on iterations of rational mappings of the Riemann sphere.

1987 Yu G Safarov

... for works on spectral asymptotics of elliptic operators.

1988 N Yu Reshetikhin

... for work in representation theory for solutions of the Young-Baxter equation.

1988 V A Kaimanovich

... for a study of boundaries of random walks on groups.

1989 A A Borichev

... for convolution equations and an asymptotic holomorphic function.

1989 O T Izhboldin

... for a study of torsion in Milnor groups.

1990 A I Barvinok

... for a study of representation theory methods in optimization.

1991 G Ya Perel'man

... for a study of Aleksandrov's spaces of curvature bounded from below.

1992 D Yu Burago

... for work on periodic Riemannian metrics.

1992 I B Fesenko

... for work on higher theory of class fields.

1993 F L Nazarov

... for work on uncertainty principle type inequalities in harmonic analysis.

1994 S M Shimorin

... for factorisation of analytical functions in Bergman weight spaces.

1995 S V Ivanov

... for a study of periodic Riemannian metrics.

1996-1997 O L Vinogradov

... for work on some exact inequalities in approximation theory.

1996-1997 S K Smirnov

... for approximation by vector fields and structure of solenoids.

1996-1997 T N Shilkin

... for work on regularity of solutions of some problems in mechanics.

1998 A B Pushnitskii

... for works on the spectral shift function.

1998 N V Tsilevich

... for works on Poisson-Dirichlet measures.

1999 G B Mikhalkin

... for work on real algebraic curves, moment map, and amoebas.

2000 O V Demchenko

... for giving arithmetical properties of the Hilbert pairing on formal Honda groups.

2001 A V Malyutin

... for works on braid groups.

2001 S G Kryzhevich

... for works on the theory of perturbed linear systems of ordinary differential equations.

2002 A G Ershler

... for a study of asymptotics of characteristics of random walks on solvable groups.

2003 A N Zinoviev

... for giving generalized explicit Artin-Hasse and Iwasawa formulas.

2004 A D Baranov

... for giving Bernstein-type inequalities for model spaces, and their applications.

2004 D S Chelkak

... for a study of the inverse problem for a perturbed harmonic oscillator.

2005 O A Tarakanov

... for a study of shadowing of pseudotrajectories.

2006 N V Durov

... for a method of calculation of the Galois group for a polynomial with rational coefficients.

2007 V A Petrov

... for work on motives of the homogenious projective spaces, and applications.

2007 K V Pervyshev

... for work on semantic complexity classes.

2008 V V Vysotskii

... for a study of limit theorems for stochastic models of interacting particles.

2008 A Yu Luzgarev

... for work on overgroups of exceptional groups

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