SIAM George Pólya Prize

The George Pólya Prize

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics awards the George Pólya Prize every two years, alternately in two categories:
  1. for a notable application of combinatorial theory;

  2. for a notable contribution in another area of interest to George Pólya such as approximation theory, complex analysis, number theory, orthogonal polynomials, probability theory, or mathematical discovery and learning.

1971 R L Graham, K Leeb, B L Rothschild, A W Hales, and R I Jewett

1975 R P Stanley, E Szemeredi, and R M Wilson

1979 L Lovász

1983 A Bjorner and P Seymour

1987 A C Yao

1992 G Kalai and S Shelah

1994 Gregory Chudnovsky and Harry Kesten

1996 Jeffry Ned Kahn and David Reimer

1998 Percy Deift, Xin Zhou, and Peter Sarnak

2000 Noga Alon

2002 Craig A Tracy and Harold Widom

2004 Neil Robertson and Paul Seymour

2006 Gregory Lawler, Oded Schramm, and Wendelin Werner

2008 Van H Vu

2010 Emmanuel Candès and Terence Tao

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