RSS Honorary Fellowships

Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Statistical Society

Honorary fellowships of the Royal Statistical Society are awarded to recognise the contribution of individuals of great eminence working in fields related to statistics who are not members of the statistical profession.

1965 E Leontief

1967 P J Bjerve

1969 K M Archer

1969 A Hald

1969 C R Rao

1970 G Goudswaard

1971 B Barberi

1973 M Macura

1973 E N Omaboe

1975 H O Lancaster

1976 D H Blackwell

1976 C Hayashi

1977 E Malinvaud

1977 F Mosteller

1978 I P Fellegi

1978 G Sixto Rios

1978 J Ripert

1978 W R Van Zwet

1980 L Kish

1982 E O Barndorff-Nielsen

1982 J M Gani

1983 H Akaike

1983 D Schwartz

1984 K G Joreskog

1984 L A Santalo

1985 R Cameron

1985 P J A Dagnelie

1985 T P Linehan

1985 V Nyitrai

1986 E L Lehmann

1986 K C Seal

1986 A N Shiryayev

1986 J W Tukey

1986 M B Wilk

1987 J L Doob

1987 J Norwood

1988 B Afonja

1988 O Kempthorne

1988 G Matheron

1988 R Ruggles

1989 K De Graft-Johnson

1989 U Grenander

1989 P G Hall

1989 W H Kruskal

1989 K Takeuchi

1991 W Seltzer

1991 O B Sheynin

1991 G Theodore

1992 S L Lauritzen

1992 N Mantel

1993 G A Barnard

1993 G E P Box

1993 John Kingman

1993 G E Roberts

1994 N Breslow

1994 Richard Doll

1996 Claus Moser

1997 Walter F Bodmer

1997 N Keyfitz

1999 A H Halsey

2001 C Short

2002 R Anderson

2003 Andrew Ehrenberg

2004 J Good

2004 R Parry-Jones

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