Nobel Prizes

Nobel Prize winners

The list given is of mathematicians in our archive who have been awarded Nobel Prizes. Except where indicated, they won the prize for Physics.

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1902 Lorentz
1904 Rayleigh
1911 Wien
1917 Barkla
1918 Planck
1921 Einstein
1922 Bohr, Niels
1925 Hertz, Gustav
1929 de Broglie
1932 Heisenberg
1933 Schrödinger
1933 Dirac
1938 Fermi

1945 Pauli
1950 Russell (Literature)
1954 Born
1962 Landau, Lev
1963 Wigner
1965 Schwinger
1965 Feynman
1967 Bethe
1969 Tinbergen (Economics)
1975 Kantorovich (Economics)
1983 Chandrasekhar
1994 Selten (Economics)
1994 Nash (Economics)

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