Maxwell Prize

ICIAM Maxwell Prize

This prize, funded jointly by the IMA and the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation, is designed to provide international recognition to a mathematician who has demonstrated originality in applied mathematics. Awarded every four years, it was awarded for the first time at the Opening Ceremony of ICIAM 99 in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 1999.

1999 Grigory Isaakovich Barenblatt

... for his numerous contributions to the mathematical theory of fluid motion, solid structure, nonlinear waves, scaling and asymptotics.

2003 Martin D Kruskal

... for discovering the particle-like behaviour of solitary waves, which he named 'solitons'; for introducing the inverse scattering transform method of solving the initial-value problem for the KdV equation; and for many other contributions to applied mathematics.

2007 Peter Deuflhard

... for his contributions to algorithm-oriented numerical analysis which are fundamental and range from highly nonlinear algebraic systems through large-scale ordinary and partial differential equations to Markov chains.

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