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The MacTutor History of Mathematics archive was created and is maintained by

John O'Connor and Edmund F Robertson

The archive contains the biographies of more than 2100 mathematicians. You can access them from a selection of Alphabetical or Chronological Biographical indexes.

We have written morew than 120 articles on the development of mathematical ideas cross-referenced to the biographies. You can access these using the History Topics Index.

There is a collection of more than 60 articles on Famous Curves which have been extensively studied by mathematicians, giving their history as well as pictures of the curves and various curves (evolutes, inverses, caustics etc.) which are associated with them. If your browser is capable of handling JAVA, you have the option of experimenting with these curves in an interactive way.

We have made a collection of about 600 Additional items of historical interest and linked them to individual mathematicians.

There are Timelines showing the overlapping lives of the mathematicians in our archive and Chronologies listing important events in the history of mathematics.

We have a Mathematicians of the day page which contains details of the mathematicians who were born or died on today's date and another file: Anniversaries for the year containing details for all dates.

You may like to try our Birthplace Maps. These are maps showing the birthplaces of those Western European or North American mathematicians in our list of biographies. One can click on them to locate a birthplace. The maps are reachable from the biography of any mathematician whose birthplace is marked.

There is a Search Form which allows you to find references to keywords throughout the archive.
You may like to try some of our Search Suggestions.

There are other good sources of information concerning the history of mathematics available on the web.

If you have any suggestions for improving this archive (such as corrections, recommendations for additional mathematicians to add to it, additional (or better) pictures, etc.) you can contact us by clicking on our e-mail address below, or you can leave a message on our Comments page.

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