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The material is listed by the mathematician(s) it is linked to.

AdamsA cartoon about the discovery of Neptune
AdamsJohn Couch Adams' account of the discovery of Neptune
BesselBessel and the Royal Astronomical Society
BowditchLaplace: Méchanique Céleste
Brinkley John Brinkley's 'Elements of Astronomy'
BrinkleyJohn Brinkley is awarded the Copley Medal
CassiniCassini and the Division in Saturn's Ring
De_MorganDe Morgan and the Royal Astronomical Society
EddingtonEddington: Mathematical Theory of Relativity Introduction
EddingtonEddington on the Expanding Universe
EinsteinEinstein: Ether and Relativity
FlamsteedFlamsteed v Newton
FlamsteedJames Gregory seeks John Flamsteed's advice concerning his Observatory
FreundlichEMS: Freundlich lecture
FreundlichFinlay Freundlich's Inaugural Address
FreundlichFinlay Freundlich's Inaugural Address, Part 2
FreundlichThe St Andrews Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
GalileoGalileo's "Confession"
GalileoGalileo's Dialogue
GeminusSimplicius on astronomy and physics
GregoryGregory's Astronomical Clock
GregoryJames Gregory's commission for an Observatory in St Andrews
GregoryJames Gregory seeks John Flamsteed's advice concerning his Observatory
GregoryGregory's Observatory
GregoryThe Tercentenary of the birth of James Gregory
GregoryH W Turnbull: Scottish Contribution to the Calculus
GregoryThe Upper Hall of the University Library
Herschel familyA visit to the Herschel Museum
Herschel_WilliamWilliam Herschel the musician
Herschel_WilliamWilliam Herschel's astronomical discoveries
Herschel_WilliamWilliam Herschel's first papers published by the Royal Society
Hevelius_JohannesHevelius's observatory destroyed by fire
HillGeorge William Hill's new theory of Jupiter and Saturn
HobsonErnest Hobson addresses the British Association in 1910
HuygensHuygens' Traité de la lumière
HuygensChristiaan Huygens' article on Saturn's Ring
LaplaceLaplace: Méchanique Céleste
LaplaceLaplace on "new stars"
MaxwellJames Clerk Maxwell on the nature of Saturn's rings
NassauJason J Nassau: A Textbook of Practical Astronomy
Payne-GaposchkinCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin on Arthur Eddington
Payne-GaposchkinCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: Introduction to Astronomy
Payne-GaposchkinThe Scholar and the World
Payne-GaposchkinCecilia Payne-Gaposchkin: The Dyer's Hand
PlanckMax Planck: The Nature of Light
PlatoPlato describes the planets
PlatoD'Arcy Thompson on Plato and Planets
SomervilleSomerville's American connections
SomervilleSomerville's Booklist
SomervilleSomerville's House in Burntisland
SomervilleDubreil-Jacotin on Mary Somerville
SomervilleRecollections of Mary Somerville
ThomsonKelvin on the sun
ThomsonThomson on "ether"
TroughtonThe South-Troughton quarrel
Ulugh_BegThe Samarkand Observatory
WhittakerEdmund Whittaker: Physics and Philosophy

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