A Time Line of Mathematicians

Click below to see time lines of mathematicians between the dates stated. They show how the lives of the mathematicians overlap.

800 BC - 700 AD (The Greek period)

600 - 1500 (The Arabic period)

1450 - 1700 (The 16th and 17th Centuries)

1650 - 1800 (The 18th Century)

1750 - 1850 (The early 19th Century)

1825 - 1900 (The late 19th Century)

1875 - 1960 (The 20th Century)

Although they will arrive quite quickly (each picture is between 10K and 35K), the pictures occupy rather a large area so you will have to use your browser to scroll both vertically and horizontally. It may take your browser a little while to format them.

Note: Where either the birth or death of a mathematician is unknown (mostly for those in the era BC) the life-span is given as 60 years for the purpose of these diagrams.

You may wish to see a list of mathematicians alive at a particular date.

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