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New biographies

Graves, Charles
Graves, John
Lewis, John
Lloyd, Bartholomew
Lloyd, Humphrey
Murphy, Gerard

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Extended biographies


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AikenThe first computer manual
Aiken Grace Hopper meets Howard Aiken
Booth James Booth's New Analytic Method
Booth James Booth's 2 sets of 3 digit numbers
BoothJames Booth - Education and Educational Institutions
BoothMathematics and Physics National Examinations
Brinkley John Brinkley's Elements of Astronomy
BrinkleyJohn Brinkley is awarded the Copley Medal
Brinkley John Brinkley - Clerical and Parochial Record
Geary Roy Geary's books
GearyRoy Geary and William Sealy Gosset
GossetRoy Geary and William Sealy Gosset
Graves, CharlesAlgebraic Triplets
Graves, CharlesOn the Focal Circles of Plane and Spherical Conics
Graves, CharlesCharles Graves on Sir William Rowan Hamilton
Graves, CharlesSome Charles Graves papers
Graves, JohnThe Eight Squares Identity and Graves-Cayley Numbers
Graves, JohnHamilton's debt to John T Graves
HamiltonThe Eight Squares Identity and Graves-Cayley Numbers
HamiltonCharles Graves on Sir William Rowan Hamilton
HamiltonHamilton's debt to John T Graves
HartTwo treatises by Andrew Searle Hart
HartAndrew Searle Hart's papers
HaughtonUniversity Education in Ireland
HopperThe first computer manual
Hopper Grace Hopper meets Howard Aiken
Lloyd, Bartholomew Bartholomew Lloyd's Mechanical Philosophy
Murphy, Gerard Gerard J Murphy's papers
O'BrienO'Brien's Differential Calculus
O'BrienO'Brien's Coordinate Geometry
O'BrienMatthew O'Brien's papers
O'BrienO'Brien's Researches in Symbolical Physics
O'BrienO'Brien's Mathematical Tracts
OrrWilliam McF Orr's Stability or Instability of Motions of a Liquid
PraegerCheryl Praeger's honorary D.Sc. from St Andrews

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